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Join other innovative companies keeping their hybrid workplaces safe and running smoothly with Tactic.

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Health & Safety Features

Worry less with contact tracing and health questionnaires for your office. Integrated vaccination tracker coming soon.

Innovative companies use Tactic

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Easy team adoption

We know how hard it can be to implement new technologies, especially in large companies with multiple locations. That's why we focused on creating a simple easy-to-use software that your team will love.

Fast & smooth onboarding

We take care of the heavy lifting ahead of your scheduled onboarding day, making sure the transition goes off without a hitch.

Intuitive interface

Our expert team of designers created a user experience that makes sense and eliminates common technology frustrations. In fact, it's the #1 reason companies switch to Tactic!

Third-party integrations

Our library of third-party integrations lets you connect Tactic to the tools your team uses everyday, saving them time and optimizing productivity.

iOS & Android apps

We give your team members the ability to reserve desks, books conference rooms, and complete health check-ins on the go with our mobile app.

Provides safety & flexibility

Companies all around the world are making big moves to ensure their team members stay safe, happy and productive. And while

Keep the office healthy

With health check-ins, contact tracing, and the ability to limit office capacity, you can help provide your team with peace of mind.

Embrace the hybrid workplace

Allow team members to split their work time between home and the office with our desk and conference room reservation system.

Make data-backed decisions

As the workplace continues to evolve, our data and analytics will help you optimize your space and plan for the future.
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Integrate with all your favorite tools

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Transparent Office utilization

Improve office space and layout with objective data

What is attendance like? Do you need more conference rooms or individual workspaces? Get a clear picture of how the office space is being utilized over time and make the most informed decisions for your teams and company.

Layout Optimization

Get a detailed breakdown of how your office layout is utilized. Workspaces vs conference rooms.

Comprehensive Data

Get data insights not only by aggregating office and department data, but also all the way down to individual employees.

Utilization Insights

See which departments and teams are leveraging office resources.

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Managing office space while following constraints and limits can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Tactic makes it easy to set up once and takes cares of the rest.

Chris Barcus

Chris Barcus