We make going to the office safe, easy, and fun.

Tactic is a collaboration tool that brings people together in the office. Whether big or small, businesses of every size use our software to manage their hybrid office space.

The way work gets done is changing

Remote work has been an overwhelming success for both employees and employers and we've gotten pretty dang good at it. In fact, 83% of companies are now saying the shift to remote work has been successful.

That said, the office is here to stay even though its role will be changing. A whopping 87% of employees say the office is important for collaborating with team members and building relationships, but they don't want to go in every day.

Tactic lets you double dip, reaping the both the benefits of remote work and in-office work.

weekday frequency in office, 1-4 days is primary choice

Building the future of your workplace


Connect with your employees face-to-face with the hybrid office platform that bridges in-home and in-office work. With a robust API and a team of developers focused on building the most seamless and intuitive platform, Tactic can convert your office space to hybrid in under an hour.

Zero-friction onboarding lets you go hybrid with no installations required.

Tactic safety measures give you peace of mind via health questionnaires, contact tracing, and wellness checks.

Our detailed office analytics let you know exactly how your office is being used and gives you insights into how you can make it even better for your employees.

Who we are

We are on a mission to make work better. From Startup to Fortune 50, it's the relationships we have with our co-workers that often define our experiences at work. We're building a platform that brings people together - as well as a team that supports, uplifts, and challenges each other in the process.

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